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My Debt Relief

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“ATO debt piling up! Creditors Calling! Anxiety Building! It’s time to seek the help of a professional who has been through what you’re going through, and gain access to a network of trusted professionals.”
This 8-part video series showcases Steve Sebbes and the amazing services his new business ‘My Debt Relief’ offers to business owners going through financial distress.
These videos were filmed across an 8 hour recording session, with a team of two camera operators and a media trainer/director.
The products were delivered to our client just 4 days after the shoot!

Car Dealer Demo Videos

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What better way to demonstrate the vehicles on your showroom floor, than by personalising an introduction from your sales team?

This was the brief we received when working with this car dealership to produce personalised, bespoke video content that showcases the car’s personalities, rather than relying solely on the global branding of the car manufacturer.

Across a period of two days, we were able to record a number of sales demos and walk-throughs to maximise this dealership’s online video presence.

ResMed Website “Hero” Video loops

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We were engaged by the talented team at Salted Stone (International Marketing/Advertising Agency) who coordinated the schedule, logistics, talent, crew and brief.

Power creative’s brief for this project was to create a selection of alternative ‘hero video loops’ for ResMed’s re-branding of their website with the tagline; “Awaken Your Best”.

These can be seen here with the video loops rolling (with no audio) as banner/backgrounds for various product categories:

Further to the brief, we also re-touched existing customer testimonial videos, by creating a variety of opening graphics to match their new re-branded website.

Fiducian Financial Services

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We were engaged to create a 10-part video series, outlining the key services for financial planning, with a campaign the client is running called #StartTheConversation. Targeting the audience to think forward about their plans.

We worked with our script writer, Christine to develop the messaging and select key clips from stock-video libraries to obtain the most relatable visuals to the market and demographics.

So far we have produced two videos in the series, with more to be released.

Each topic has a full length, medium length and short version (60 sec / 45 sec / 25 sec for example) to allow the client to reach various social media audiences.


Boat Sales Promo Riviera 5000

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Our client has listed their 55ft Riviera 5000 Sports Cruiser on and wanted to further enhance the visuals and exposure to their marketing online by engaging with video content.

This project involved a half day schedule for location shots at Clontarf (safe to fly zone for aerials) and then on to the famous Sydney Harbour iconic shots from the water-level with our stabilised cameras, recorded from on board our Power Creative 20ft crew boat.

Finally to the marina in Cabarita where we recorded various angles inside the vessel.

Final output includes a 60 sec video recap as well as key ‘freeze frames’ extracted from the video to utilise for the listing as still images.

The Boatsales listing can be found here.


Optus Business FutureNow

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This brief for the Optus Business 2019 Enterprise event at Darling Harbour Convention Centre was to create a promo clip for the new “FutureNow” Technology & Innovation lab.

The flagship centre based in Optus Head Office in Macquarie Park, Sydney features a range of exciting new innovations, as highlighted in this video.

Our crew was comprised of a writer, producer, camera, make-up and editor for post-production.

Privacy Note: the content in this video is not for public share, so the video has a password set for privacy of this clients’ IP.
However, we’re more than happy to display individually with clients who are considering style guides on a one-to-one basis.

Optus Business FY19 HypeReel

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Further to a 6-part series of customer case study videos for the Optus Business 2019 at Darling Harbour Convention Centre, this brief was to create an opener “hype reel” for the Optus Business accomplishments of FY19.

This edit was completed with a combination of assets supplied by Optus of events and launches over the past year, with additional media we had produced as part of the customer case study videos, and “FutureNow” technology and innovation space.

Privacy Note: the content in this video is not for public share, so the video has a password set for privacy of this clients’ IP.
However, we’re more than happy to display individually with clients who are considering style guides on a one-to-one basis.

Lily Homes Lifestyle

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Working closely with Lily Homes over a period of 12 months planning with 4 new home displays being built, Power Creative were engaged to create life-style videos that showcase the quality of the four homes, embracing the family spirit within each of the homes. Knowing that the demographic for each size of home will attract various types of buyers, the talent and age of families differ throughout the displays to show the versatility of the homes on offer.

Macquarie Sports Radio

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Macquarie Sports Radio launched mid-2018 featuring “all of the sports” from every code, broadcast across this new network.

Collaborating with Macquarie Media creative team, power creative produced a series of 15 second pre-roll online video content, to advertise the new station and introduce the stars of these shows. Here’s a mix of the advertisements being circulated as well as a blooper reel of the shoot as well as a ‘behind the scenes’ walk through we shot on the day.

Mirvac Festival of You Campaign

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Mirvac’s Spring 2018 campaign throughout their 13 retail shopping centre’s is all about you! With the “Festival of You” initiative.

Starring Rachael Finch and Cassie Mendoza-Jones as brand ambassadors we shot the following series of 9 videos, to be displayed throughout the centres’ social stream and newsfeeds.