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Fiducian Financial Services

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We were engaged to create a 10-part video series, outlining the key services for financial planning, with a campaign the client is running called #StartTheConversation. Targeting the audience to think forward about their plans.

We worked with our script writer, Christine to develop the messaging and select key clips from stock-video libraries to obtain the most relatable visuals to the market and demographics.

So far we have produced two videos in the series, with more to be released.

Each topic has a full length, medium length and short version (60 sec / 45 sec / 25 sec for example) to allow the client to reach various social media audiences.


Macquarie Sports Radio

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Macquarie Sports Radio launched mid-2018 featuring “all of the sports” from every code, broadcast across this new network.

Collaborating with Macquarie Media creative team, power creative produced a series of 15 second pre-roll online video content, to advertise the new station and introduce the stars of these shows. Here’s a mix of the advertisements being circulated as well as a blooper reel of the shoot as well as a ‘behind the scenes’ walk through we shot on the day.

Mirvac Festival of You Campaign

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Mirvac’s Spring 2018 campaign throughout their 13 retail shopping centre’s is all about¬†you! With the “Festival of You” initiative.

Starring Rachael Finch and Cassie Mendoza-Jones as brand ambassadors we shot the following series of 9 videos, to be displayed throughout the centres’ social stream and newsfeeds.