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Briefing your next project

This is a key area to consider prior to engaging in further steps towards production.

If there’s anything you’re not sure on – we can of course assist you in establishing these points, during a discovery zoom, call or meeting.

Project Quotation Background:Project Quotation Background:
– Are we quoting as part of a “three quote” comparison? And if so, it’s important to note that different suppliers have various approaches and overheads that affect the costs and approach, so it’s important to compare “apples with apples” when cost comparing.
– Have you had any experience of producing any video (DIY, other suppliers etc?)
– What is the most valuable thing you’re hoping to achieve with choosing a video provider in this partnership?
– Is there a budget set aside for this project as yet?

Project scope:
– Purpose of video (who is the audience and who do we feature in the video).

– Are there specific timelines/dates you’re considering for the project? I.e are there “must haves” for shoot date preference?

– Are there key message/es for the video/s already developed?

– Have you considered the style of video (interview / talking heads? Voiceover? Any Cutaways of location, or product Graphics/Animation required?

– Do you have a location / s for the shoot. (Or is a studio more suited, if locations aren’t available?).

– What is your preferred output/s of video (ratio / size, such as a wide, vertical, square / video duration/s).