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ResMed Website “Hero” Video loops

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We were engaged by the talented team at Salted Stone (International Marketing/Advertising Agency) who coordinated the schedule, logistics, talent, crew and brief.

Power creative’s brief for this project was to create a selection of alternative ‘hero video loops’ for ResMed’s re-branding of their website with the tagline; “Awaken Your Best”.

These can be seen here with the video loops rolling (with no audio) as banner/backgrounds for various product categories:

Further to the brief, we also re-touched existing customer testimonial videos, by creating a variety of opening graphics to match their new re-branded website.

Energi Basix Certification

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Whether you’re building a dwelling that just has to tick all the boxes, or your sustainable dream home, you’ll need a BASIX certificate, and Energi makes it easy!

We were engaged by Energi to create a short social marketing piece that targets trades in the building industry, advertising how easy it can be to get your own BASIX certificate. We worked with our script writer and graphic designer/animator to develop key messages and select key clips from stock-video libraries, to obtain the most relatable visuals for the market and demographics. This video was also produced with two outputs; a 60 sec and 30 sec edit, to allow a better cut-through to the market.

Emjay Insurance Brokers – Risk Manager Web-App

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We were engaged to create an overview/educational piece for our client, outlining the key areas this new web based application can assist business owners with keeping on track with their risk management.

We worked with our script writer and graphic designer/animator to develop the messaging and select key clips from stock-video libraries to obtain the most relatable visuals to the market and demographics.

Fiducian Financial Services

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We were engaged to create a 10-part video series, outlining the key services for financial planning, with a campaign the client is running called #StartTheConversation. Targeting the audience to think forward about their plans.

We worked with our script writer, Christine to develop the messaging and select key clips from stock-video libraries to obtain the most relatable visuals to the market and demographics.

So far we have produced two videos in the series, with more to be released.

Each topic has a full length, medium length and short version (60 sec / 45 sec / 25 sec for example) to allow the client to reach various social media audiences.


Optus Business FutureNow

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This brief for the Optus Business 2019 Enterprise event at Darling Harbour Convention Centre was to create a promo clip for the new “FutureNow” Technology & Innovation lab.

The flagship centre based in Optus Head Office in Macquarie Park, Sydney features a range of exciting new innovations, as highlighted in this video.

Our crew was comprised of a writer, producer, camera, make-up and editor for post-production.

Privacy Note: the content in this video is not for public share, so the video has a password set for privacy of this clients’ IP.
However, we’re more than happy to display individually with clients who are considering style guides on a one-to-one basis.

Macquarie Sports Radio

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Macquarie Sports Radio launched mid-2018 featuring “all of the sports” from every code, broadcast across this new network.

Collaborating with Macquarie Media creative team, power creative produced a series of 15 second pre-roll online video content, to advertise the new station and introduce the stars of these shows. Here’s a mix of the advertisements being circulated as well as a blooper reel of the shoot as well as a ‘behind the scenes’ walk through we shot on the day.

Emjay Insurance Brokers

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Emjay insurance brokers asked Power Creative to create a motivating short video, which includes shots of their target industries, with the key message; “Embrace Risk”.

Steelcase SILQ & LessThanFive seating

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Steelcase engaged Power Creative to capture content at the FRONT design exhibition, Sydney, August 9, 2018.
Our focus was on the Steelcase stand, where they were exhibiting their new seating products “SILQ” & “LessThanFive”.

We put together a crew comprised of interviewer/narrator, camera operators and audio to capture feedback from guests during the event, along with a multi-cam full length recording of a Steelcase global presentation on stage.

Outputs were; 1 x 60 second recap (same day edit delivery), 1 x 3min recap, 1 x 30min presentation multi-cam.

Crosbe PT Grout

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This animation video was created with a collaboration between our team comprising of writer, designer, editor and animator to bring out clients’ message to life.
In what is quite a technical discussion point around the effect of ‘bleed’ when grouting PT tendons for construction industry.
This video illustrates the effect of ‘bleed’ when grouting PT tendons. For more information, please visit our website
Here is our clients’ testimonial after sharing the video on their LinkedIn page.
“I posted the PT Grout video on LinkedIn about 4 days ago and we are already up to 1945 views with 48 likes and 6 comments.  Such a powerful medium!  It goes to show that when you put quality content out there, people will actually watch it and engage. ” –  Albert Haddad Managing Director


HomeWorld 2017/2018 Summer Series

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For our second consecutive year working with HomeWorld, this series of short videos were produced with three Sydney Thunder cricket players, showcasing the beautiful HomeWorld villages.

Sydney Thunder players Kurtis Patterson, Lisa Griffiths and Chris Green had a lot of fun visiting HomeWorld and gained inspiration and ideas to build a new home.

Our 4 – person crew followed the players through various homes, displays and picked up their candid response (no pre-written dialogue here!) to hear what they had to say about the spaces.

For a look at our 2016/2017 project with more Sydney Thunder players talking to young fans, click here.