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Pharmaceutical Company Awards 2014

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banner display2Set by the beautiful Balmoral Beach, The Public Dining Room offered our client a unique and intimate environment to celebrate their 2014 company awards in style. Coupled with great service and pre-event planning alongside power creative by the lovely Nicole Major.

The brief to power creative was the focus of ‘celebrating success’ and after brainstorming some ideas, the rollout involved capturing the nominees for all awards at their locations for conference training across the country. Chatswood, Coogee, Bowral, Melbourne, Perth, power creative’s team captured approximately 55 people from the company in ‘celebration mode’ – which transpired into confetti, party poppers, champagne flutes, party hats and balloons abound the team members.  The recommendation by creative director Dave Power to utilise the latest 4K Ultra High Definition during these film shoots enabled our client a greater collection of imagery for the event. The imagery was used to produce approximately 75mins of various HD1080p videos (with the ability to zoom in to the 4K imagery to capture the ‘right moment’) and to playback at the event. Furthermore, the 4K resolution allowed our team to arrange printed design work of pull up banners with ‘freeze framed’ moments of celebration. See artwork below.