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Energi Basix Certification

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Whether you’re building a dwelling that just has to tick all the boxes, or your sustainable dream home, you’ll need a BASIX certificate, and Energi makes it easy!

We were engaged by Energi to create a short social marketing piece that targets trades in the building industry, advertising how easy it can be to get your own BASIX certificate. We worked with our script writer and graphic designer/animator to develop key messages and select key clips from stock-video libraries, to obtain the most relatable visuals for the market and demographics. This video was also produced with two outputs; a 60 sec and 30 sec edit, to allow a better cut-through to the market.

Macquarie Sports Radio

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Macquarie Sports Radio launched mid-2018 featuring “all of the sports” from every code, broadcast across this new network.

Collaborating with Macquarie Media creative team, power creative produced a series of 15 second pre-roll online video content, to advertise the new station and introduce the stars of these shows. Here’s a mix of the advertisements being circulated as well as a blooper reel of the shoot as well as a ‘behind the scenes’ walk through we shot on the day.

Mirvac Festival of You Campaign

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Mirvac’s Spring 2018 campaign throughout their 13 retail shopping centre’s is all about you! With the “Festival of You” initiative.

Starring Rachael Finch and Cassie Mendoza-Jones as brand ambassadors we shot the following series of 9 videos, to be displayed throughout the centres’ social stream and newsfeeds.

Gibson Shopfitters

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Gibson Shopfitters, one of Australia’s oldest shopfitting businesses of over 70 years have now formed a global alliance.

We had the pleasure in producing, script writing, storyboarding, filming ground and aerial video, developing logo animations, CGI of logo over aerials, as well as voice over narration in this content.

Constructive Recruitment

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“What makes Constructive such a great place to work?”

Filmed across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth this Australian wide business came to Power Creative with the sole objective of this video to demonstrate the amazing working conditions for a role in their company, here’s how it turned out!

Verante Financial Planning

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Michael Rambaldini & Liam Shorte engaged Power Creative to create a video dialogue piece, with a style of retrospective and outlook for their business and role to their clients.

After contemplation of a variety of approaches we filmed the piece in a studio setting for the dialogue, with some cut-away vision of clients and staff in action at their Castle Hill location.
Power Creative also assisted Verante with the layout and display of their final edited videos, helping with links to their own Vimeo Pro account for commerical use as well as a direct Facebook Pages video campaign/news update. See samples below:

Verante Website sample here

Verante Vimeo Pro Page sample here

Verante Facebook Page sample here

Liam’s SMSF Facebook Page sample here

Amway Presentation & Awards, Sydney

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Power Creative were asked to capture Amway’s two and a half hour presentation held in September, 2015 and capture a variety of angles in full-duration to be edited into special shorter segments. These segments have then be used for Amway’s own marketing and communication team to share within their networks.

Given the presentation expected an audience of 600 guests we allowed for around 5-6 camera angles as well as a dedicated crew to monitor and record the vision and audio.

This client is also a colleague’s major account, which Power Creative have gladly managed whilst their production team were on holidays in Europe! YES, we collaborate with our peers in the industry and what’s better is that our Fibre NBN allowed a smooth transition of all content through the approval process and turn-around time on deadlines.

The Ray Hadley Burger (Create Your Own Taste)

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Macquarie Radio Network, McDonald’s and Power Creative collaborated on this project to create Ray Hadley’s own Taste with Macca’s innovative new range of burgers; “Create Your Own Taste ®”.

Ray was welcomed by Liam, who kindly offered assistance during Ray’s experience.

Power Creative captured the film with a team of three crew: Two on camera (one as a steady-gimbal aided walk-through, the other for close ups on a tripod) and the third operator on boom for audio record.

Austage, Executive PA Magazine Awards 2014

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Our client: Working for our client at Austage Events, Power Creative and our team of 3 video experts produced the following results for the Austage Events’ end client Executive PA Magazine Awards.

Our brief: capture a collection of nominated finalists the day of the awards judging to see how the feel being nominated. Cut these reactions together with imagery and formalities of the awards night held at Doltone House, Hyde Park Sydney. Our team executed this edit as a “Same Day Edit” resulting in a highly regarded piece for the client to share on their social networks and across their industry for PA’s to celebrate the victories of the Awards presentation.

Destination Wedding Celebration for Doug Jones & Janet Walker: Canada + Australia + United Kingdom

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Doug & Janet Wafer USB

Above: 8GB USB Wafer Cards x 80 units , pre-loaded with audio and video recordings were ordered as a “Thank You” present for guests of the London Concert.

Two amazing spirits & three superb celebration events:
Doug Jones & Janet Walker were married in Janet’s home town of Toronto on December 15, 2013. They shared a renewal of their vows one week later in Sydney with family and friends in Doug’s home town.

From these first two wedding events, Power Creative created the following edits;

  • “Reflections” interview with Doug & Janet that tells the story of their marriage & planning of celebrations.
  • Full-length 5-camera / 10 audio channel coverage recording of vow renewal mass & reception at Sydney St James Cathedral, Hyde Park & The Australian Club.
  • Highlights coverage combining Sydney & Toronto original vows mixed with soundtrack from Sydney cathedral recording (cutting in supplied video footage from a Toronto videographer).

The third series of this spectacular wedding event features a beautiful concert to celebrate their marriage alongside friends and colleagues in Europe.

  • Power Creative were lucky enough to fly to London to record this film live from Athenaeum Club Pall Mall, London on March 16, 2014. It features an amazing 36 minute performance, led by James Baillieu on the Grand Piano and accompanied by Richard Watkins (French Horn) and Ben Johnson (Tenor). Following this performance the guests were treated to a spectacular lunch, entertained by speeches, finished off with a gorgeous sunny afternoon tea on the terrace.
  • Two sound recordings of the London performance + speeches have also been produced for Doug & Janet to share, which are also available on SoundCloud.

Power Creative are so grateful and humbled to be a part of this amazing three-country wedding celebration and wish Doug & Janet all of the happiness and joy ahead.