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Energi Basix Certification

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Whether you’re building a dwelling that just has to tick all the boxes, or your sustainable dream home, you’ll need a BASIX certificate, and Energi makes it easy!

We were engaged by Energi to create a short social marketing piece that targets trades in the building industry, advertising how easy it can be to get your own BASIX certificate. We worked with our script writer and graphic designer/animator to develop key messages and select key clips from stock-video libraries, to obtain the most relatable visuals for the market and demographics. This video was also produced with two outputs; a 60 sec and 30 sec edit, to allow a better cut-through to the market.

Emjay Insurance Brokers – Risk Manager Web-App

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We were engaged to create an overview/educational piece for our client, outlining the key areas this new web based application can assist business owners with keeping on track with their risk management.

We worked with our script writer and graphic designer/animator to develop the messaging and select key clips from stock-video libraries to obtain the most relatable visuals to the market and demographics.

Crosbe PT Grout

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This animation video was created with a collaboration between our team comprising of writer, designer, editor and animator to bring out clients’ message to life.
In what is quite a technical discussion point around the effect of ‘bleed’ when grouting PT tendons for construction industry.
This video illustrates the effect of ‘bleed’ when grouting PT tendons. For more information, please visit our website
Here is our clients’ testimonial after sharing the video on their LinkedIn page.
“I posted the PT Grout video on LinkedIn about 4 days ago and we are already up to 1945 views with 48 likes and 6 comments.  Such a powerful medium!  It goes to show that when you put quality content out there, people will actually watch it and engage. ” –  Albert Haddad Managing Director


Gibson Shopfitters

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Gibson Shopfitters, one of Australia’s oldest shopfitting businesses of over 70 years have now formed a global alliance.

We had the pleasure in producing, script writing, storyboarding, filming ground and aerial video, developing logo animations, CGI of logo over aerials, as well as voice over narration in this content.

Key Industries + Key Acoustics Profile Videos

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Key Industries is the largest coffin manufacturer in NSW and manufactures from a 5,500 square metre facility at Wetherill Park in Sydney’s west. Its sophisticated wood machining plant and skilled and loyal work force has enabled it, as a subcontractor, to additionally supply doors to the building industry and acoustic panels for architect service suppliers. Buoyed in particular by its success in the latter it established a brand – Keystone Acoustics – to directly compete and grow market share in this specialised manufacturing area. – Website Demo of Features

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Overview: This video was created in partnership with, a respectful online memorial website.

Brief: The HA team wanted to show viewers the way they can interact with HeavenAddress in a short, simple demonstration of the online memorial’s day-to-day use. This is a follow up from previous project “Moments” – whereby it goes into much more detail of the website layout and the key tools and operation of the memorial page.

Delivery: The video now sits on the HA Partners homepage on the website for public view, as well as a providing customers a key demonstration resource in video form to share with families.

HeavenAddress Website

McDonald’s Movies by Burswood

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Client: McDonald’s Marketing Australia

Brief: To create a 15 minute pre-cinema movie trivia quiz that entertains the viewers ahead of the screening as well as informs about some key messages for subtle advertising by McDonald’s Marketing.
Delivery: The approach Power Creative took was to match the look of the video with some existing trailer/TVC content produced for the event and utilise the theme, colour scheme and look to create a “Looney Tunes” look and feel, with the questions and answers circulating on loop with approximately 10-15seconds per Q&A. We were able to provide a cost-effective and very appealing look for client and as a result they are able to better leverage their sponsorship as naming rights sponsor of the event.