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Iris Group Coaching

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A mixture of wide format (16:9) vertical format (9:16) and square format (9:9) versions of this educational series allows our client at Iris Group to best share their content across many social media channels for a variety of screens to suit all devices (mobile + desktop).

Car Dealer Demo Videos

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What better way to demonstrate the vehicles on your showroom floor, than by personalising an introduction from your sales team?

This was the brief we received when working with this car dealership to produce personalised, bespoke video content that showcases the car’s personalities, rather than relying solely on the global branding of the car manufacturer.

Across a period of two days, we were able to record a number of sales demos and walk-throughs to maximise this dealership’s online video presence.

Lily Homes Lifestyle

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Working closely with Lily Homes over a period of 12 months planning with 4 new home displays being built, Power Creative were engaged to create life-style videos that showcase the quality of the four homes, embracing the family spirit within each of the homes. Knowing that the demographic for each size of home will attract various types of buyers, the talent and age of families differ throughout the displays to show the versatility of the homes on offer.

Mirvac Festival of You Campaign

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Mirvac’s Spring 2018 campaign throughout their 13 retail shopping centre’s is all about you! With the “Festival of You” initiative.

Starring Rachael Finch and Cassie Mendoza-Jones as brand ambassadors we shot the following series of 9 videos, to be displayed throughout the centres’ social stream and newsfeeds.

Justine Schofield Mirvac Cooking Recipe Teasers

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We recorded this 10-part promo series in a studio-kitchen for Mirvac’s shopping centres, where Justine Schofield featured, showcasing recipes and tips as well as the opportunity to host a private dinner party for winners of the joint-shopping centre contest.

The crew comprised of two camera operators, audio operator, autocue and make-up, filmed on site in an Alexandria-based kitchen studio.

Hall of Fame ACRAs, Ray Hadley

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A proud moment in radio history for The Ray Hadley Morning Show and we couldn’t be prouder to have assisted Macquarie Media Group with producing the video to honour Ray, which was played over the weekend at the The Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs). #Winner #HallOfFame #Congratulations

In this video we met radio royalty to hear about their thoughts and wishes to Ray for his contribution to the Radio industry.

Read more about the Awards night here; https://www.mediaweek.com.au/2017-acras-winners/

Hardwired Humans – Andrew O’Keeffe

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Andrew O’Keeffe engaged Power Creative twice in 2017 to record specific topics for his client to present globally to their company on a variety of topics.

Andrew is a keynote speaker with a difference. He speaks about harmonious workplaces, leadership and change management based on human nature. He incorporates stories shared with him in extensive interviews with ancestral people including the Bushmen of the Kalahari, the Himba of north-west Namibia and the Maasai and Samburu of Kenya.

Andrew O’Keeffe is the director of Hardwired Humans and author of Hardwired Humans and The Boss.
His early career background included senior roles with IBM and Optus. Andrew has a close relationship with legendary chimpanzee researcher Dr Jane Goodall and over the last decade when Dr Goodall has visited Australia, she and Andrew have spoken together to business audiences.


Pacific Test Equipment

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Pacific Test Equipment required product display videos, that showcase the design and features of their products.

Initially the videos were shown during a tech-convention exhibition in Sydney and then we will repurpose for online marketing.