Our client, Rare Cancers Australia engaged us to start planning for their 2021 CanForum after a successful live stream 2020 CanForum which Power Creative managed and produced late last year. We managed the entire project from brief to delivery, including concept visualisation, research on the subject matter, arranging crew in remote locations and studios to film (even during the harshest of COVID19 lockdowns with C19 compliant health methods applied of course). There were approximately 45 days of work involved with a team of over 30 crew. Certainly one of our proudest projects to date. CanForum Mini Series Episode 1: Emerging Therapies What are Emerging Therapies? And why are they important? How are they transforming the way cancer is treated? Are Australians getting access to the latest treatments in a timely manner? Welcome to the first of a three-part series part of our 2020 CanForum. #changingcancercare Episode 2: Cancer, AI and Big Data Understanding the way cancer behaves and the way treatments impact disease is pivotal to improving things for patients. How can we collect and understand the data more efficiently and harness technology to make sense of it all? #changingcancercare Episode 3: Patient-Centred Care There is broad consensus that patient centered care is the gold standard and a priority in cancer care delivery. But what is reality and where are the opportunities to do better? #changingcancercare 2020 CanForum The NOA Vision 20-30 Report was launched at this year's Rare Cancers Australia CanForum. Watch the CanForum in full or watch each segment individually below: