Our Story

Power Creative is a driven, passionate & fresh company formed by its two directors, David & Erin. This dynamic duo originally commenced trading as Power Productions
(est. 2001) by David Power. He met his wife-to be, Erin and over the years they have both shared one (of many) common interests: their creativity.¬†This pursuit of creativity has led them to help countless families, friends¬†and clients.It’s the reason that they love to get out of bed each morning! The following short piece is an interview with founder Dave Power on Alive 90.5FM

Why Power Creative?

Power Creative are Your Professional Video Producers.
Our market is wide with a diverse range of projects. From personal videos and life stories for individuals of a significant milestone, through to live performances, presentations & events. On to Commercial and social media video content.
Whether you require assistance with video marketing strategy, online video content, or videos for playback during a presentation or for an event. Our goal is to always maintain a powerful impact on your viewers enabling recognition & a connection to the clients’ product, service or occasion.


Power Creative have collaborations with creative people right across the world, whether you require an audio engineer, colour grading expert, animator or a 360 degree video expert. This means that power creative can assist you with any project on any level, at any time, but best of all you have the key ingredient: power creative management, leadership and communication.
Clear and open communication is the crucial ingredient to the success of these projects.