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Why Power Creative?

Power Creative are Your Professional Video Producers.

Our market is wide with a diverse range of projects. From personal videos and life stories for individuals of a significant milestone, through to live performances, presentations & events. On to Commercial and social media video content.

Whether you require assistance with video marketing strategy, online video content, or videos for playback during a presentation or for an event. Our goal is to always maintain a powerful impact on your viewers enabling recognition & a connection to the clients’ product, service or occasion.

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Power Creative have collaborations with creative people right across the world, whether you require an audio engineer, colour grading expert, animator or a 360 degree video expert. This means that power creative can assist you with any project on any level, at any time, but best of all you have the key ingredient: power creative management, leadership and communication.

Clear and open communication is the crucial ingredient to the success of these projects.

"We had a couple visitors in the Hong Kong office recently and a visitor from France told me he watched the APAC Town Hall video Power Creative produced and said it was so, so good. Technically from the videography perspective & that whoever did the videography and editing was really great.."

− Nicole McGrath, CFO, Asia-Pacific, Steelcase.

"I recently saw a piece of video work created by David and his team and as a firm that uses video often, I cant begin the say how impressed with every element of the video I was, from the footage captured, the editing, music, narration and the narrative structure of the piece to get the message across, great piece of work."

− Karl Shelton, Director at Touch Marketing Australia. 24 years of Marketing Strategy experience.

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